WormRoyale.io is a Slither Style Snake IO game featuring Battle Royale element. You direct a cute yet aggressive colored worm around the map trying to gain the power for dominating the arena. You start small but through over time eating foods dispersed on the map, you will become much larger. So, keep eating them until you reach an enormous size and that’s when you become a powerful snake in the arena that everyone has to fear for. If you want to wipe out other rival worms, you can use your long body to outwit them! Surround them with the body, block their heads and force them to run into you. However, this can happen to you in the same way if someone catches you off guard. You must protect yourself and try not to hit your rivals, or else you will meet your doom. Don’t forget to watch out the danger zone that keeps getting close to the playing field. Can you become the last worm standing? Good luck!


How To Play About WormRoyale.io

Move your worm using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed up.