Master Baiter

Master Baiter free multiplayer game revolves around an epic fishing competition that everybody can join to express their fishing skill. Going fishing is a pretty cool activity in real life, and now it has been brought online. Players from around the world can engage in this fishing contest for free. The main mission here is to get as many fishes as possible using your given fishing rod. You have to bait the fishes then quickly catch them all before other players. Try to aim at the bigger fish so you can have a higher experience point. Make sure you fill your experience bar, the higher it its, the better the results you will get. At the end of the fishing contest, the one that got the most number of fish with the highest experience point will become the winner. Can you handle this fishing challenge and conquer it in Master Baiter unblocked game?

How To Play About Master Baiter

Move your character using WASD, use the mouse to spin, click the left mouse to cast the fishing rod, drop the fish using key G, and buy items using key B.