Following the success of Agar.io, Zorb.io unblocked is also released with the familiar gameplay mechanics but with more challenges. If you don’t have enough experience with Agar.io, why don’t you give this one a shot? In Zorb.io game free online, everybody will be taken to a massive, star-filled and huge map in which they must go gather as many stars as possible to increase the size of their spheres. These stars are everywhere on the map, so it will not be hard to devour them. The problem here is that you will face off against many rivals who can get bigger than you. With these big guys, you have to get away from them as fast as possible, otherwise, you will get eaten. At the same time, focus on eating more stars to grow your body even faster, then you can come back to absorb all enemies. The arena of Zorb.io free game needs a champion to rule the leaderboard! Can you be that champion? Play Zorb.io game now!

How To Play About Zorb.io

Steer your planet around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse or key W to accelerate, and use the right mouse or key S to stop.