You will enjoy the Witz.io game if you are someone who is competitive, witty, and enjoys vibrant fun? This is an io game multiplayer, you won’t be playing this game alone. There are multiple ways to enjoy this wonderful Witz game.

Witz.io unblocked is the game where you will be competing with ten other players. This free strategy game is whoever gives the funniest and the original answer will win. After every round, you will get to vote for the answer that you find most special. Other players will also vote for your response. After two rounds in the Witz game, the most voted answer will be promoted and become suggestions for the third round. In the third round, you will get to vote for three of your favorite responses.

The one who got more points will become the winner. There are many new and interesting features in this free strategy game, if you feel lonely playing this game, you can pick a creature to your liking and this little one will become your companion during your time with this game. you can choose to play this game with random players or make a private Lobby to invite your friends and family to play. If you see a joke and you want to share it, you can just put it on your camera roll and share it on social networks.

How To Play About Witz.io

You need to type words to answer and use emoji/ other players to chat.