Tetrads.io is one of the HTML5 games, which means you can play online for free at any time you want. If you have played Slither or Puble.io, you will feel the similarity.

Players don’t need to log in but play the game immediately. Your process and ranking will be updated on the leaderboard, along with many usernames at the moment. This Tetris-style combat game tends to be minimalist since the game includes no soundtrack or creep effect. What you sense is moving blocks and changes in number when the battle happens. The winner is the one who survives and collects the most blocks. The result always displays on the leaderboard to see where you are and how much you need to try.

Players can expand the size by collecting Terad pieces around the map. The faster way is to attack smaller shapes and eat them up. Whenever two figures concuss, the bigger one will lose the average blocks of the two but take up the smaller blocks. That means you need to calculate the risk before the attack. Little contact between two shapes will cause death. It’s also essential to watch out for more oversized shapes as they could creep in any time and eat you alive. Players can make use of the “boost” feature to speed up when danger is on edge. Your blocks will slowly come back to the average speed.

How To Play About Tetrads.io

Like other io games, the player can enjoy Tetrads.io unblocked by using a computer mouse. Click at any point to direct the movie. The point will be equivalent to the center of the block, so be wise to calculate your position. Press and keep the left mouse to “boost.”