Taming.io is one of the io games for you to chill in during break time. During the game, you will be a villager who needs to tame animals, build your village, and collect resources.

It will help if you play taming.io multiplayer online with a computer since the movement consists of different keys. The player’s asset includes pets and craft materials, which show up more after each level.

Villagers will get weapons to fight against each other. And, taming animals and making them fight for you sound a better idea. Only golden apples can custom characters and pets, so try to collect them.

It’s quite the same as Moomoo.io style. Your job is to survive attacks, collect resources, and expand your village. And to do so, you need to tame as many pets as possible. You can also attack others to limit your danger. The rank is shown on the leaderboard, along with other function bars. Players use the keyboard and mouse to choose actions while playing Taming.io unblocked.

How To Play About Taming.io

Key SWAD or ZQSD or arrow key to move around. Left mouse to hit. Click on symbols to give orders to pets: “Shield” to protect you, “Word” to attack, “Hand” to follow the owner, “Skill” to expose its superpower.