SuperCTF or is an online game that players can play in a group of 4. The graphics are close to Mario, and the content focuses on shooting.

However, your characters can wear different weapons, abilities, and accessories provided that help you win. SuperCTF multiplayer allows many teams of 4 to join the match at the same time. For sure, the competition among groups makes a hotspot all the time. The map changes upon the game so make players never bored with combating over and over again.

It’s likely one of the shooting games. Each team gets a flag that you have to protect from other groups. Team rank is on the leaderboard that updates all the time. And it would help if you were fierce to ruin other flags while keeping yours intact.

To do so, we encourage players to collect particular objectives to upgrade their power, pick the utilities wisely, and plan perfect teamwork.

How To Play About SuperCTF

Control the game using keyboard and mouse to move and shoot Move your fingers on the touchpad or touchscreen to move and shoot.