In game, you will always be in fast-paced gameplay, always moving, trying to be the strongest leader. You transform into a ping-pong ball with your hands and hit other balls. Your fighting arena is a familiar table tennis table. With your best skills in unblocked, the fastest possible speed to respond to your opponent’s attacks before they defeat you. Winning those players will help you develop your scale to hit the border. At online, the higher the level, the bigger you are. Then, your speed will be slower instead of faster, this happens because you are heavier than before. However, this is a new advantage, the heavier you are, the harder it is for others to beat you. Of course, in some cases, you are still beaten as usual. So no matter what, you must always be vigilant and not be subjective.

How To Play About

You use the following keys to play: (W) for forward, (A) for left, (S) for backward, (D) for right, (Shift) hold to increase speed for a short time, (LMB) CLICK to swing the arm, to leap up and hit with extra power