shark battle in the blue ocean is not too fierce but also enough surprises to keep you focused and excited. This game allows many players, so please invite your friends to join you.

In the ocean’s waters, large and small fish are swimming. On the surface, everything seems to be very normal. But hidden in it are fierce battles for the lives of the fish. Your mission in unblocked is the same, eat the smaller fish to grow up and stay alive. Because you are a shark, you are also very scary, you attack every fish around you. You are ready to eat the meat of those sitting near the beach. However, online has more big and bloodthirsty sharks than you. They also see you as prey so you must avoid hitting their heads if you don’t want to lose your life. Io games have simple gameplay with beautiful visuals, so many people love them. Play game for free with your friends to experience a comfortable break as well as help the relationship become more intimate and close.

How To Play About

You use the arrow keys to move the shark to attack other fish.