As a lonely fighter in the huge scary world of, your biggest only goal is to survive. this game is free and it is a multiplayer io game, you might face other players during your adventure. and you might even become the final survival and the best fighter out there.

In the lonely and dangerous world of unblocked, you might fight against other players. And there is a lot of survival Necessary like weapons, munition. And chicken drumsticks that were hidden everywhere on the map. there are many of them all over the map, go find them and you will increase your chance of survival. Weapons, munition, and armor to protect yourself and chicken drumsticks are to keep your health up. Hide, fight, and survive, you might become the sole survivor in this epic 2D battle royale game.

You will of course take some time to get used to character-shaping and how to control weapons. However, this will not take too much of your time.

How To Play About

You can move with WASD and shoot with the left mouse.