Playing first-person shooter io games is always fun. Now, you can try REPULS game which is another thrilling shooting game with first-person gameplay to experience new challenges. There are lots of crazy matches waiting for you here. You can join and master your skills anytime you want. When you step into the arena of REPULS unblocked, you must get your weapon ready for a fight. You are armed with a pistol so you must aim and shoot all enemies getting in your way. At the same time, you have to dodge their attacks. If you take damage from them, the game will be over. It’s important to look out for your surroundings and have some strategies ready in advance to deal with the tough players. The more kills you collect, the higher the score you have. You aim to get to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become a top-class player in REPULS free game. Have fun with it!

Play REPULS Unblocked Online
Play REPULS Unblocked Online

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How To Play About REPULS

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button to use the rifle’s scope, Q to attack using your weapon, number key 1 to change a weapon, number key 2 to throw grenades, R to reload weapons, and the spacebar to jump.