is one of the best Free For All Io games which are available to play online. Play with a small mouth and eat as much as possible to become the biggest player! When you grow larger, you can run faster. It creates an exciting edge over your opponents. However, you should keep in mind that the size will be set again when you level up. Although it is reset to the minimum, its limit will be increased.

While wandering throughout the map in game, you do not ignore colored dots. They supply more mass and allow you to enlarge safely. Besides, you can attack and swallow your rivals to rank up rapidly. A new awesome feature has been added to upgrades game. It is called Feeding. Just control the mouse button and you will have the chance to support somebody whom you want to team up with. So, you can emit some mass that you have consumed from previous stages. Note: You will get weaker when you do that! Don’t worry! You can enjoy speeding up at that moment. Have fun!

How To Play About

Use the mouse cursor to move. Hold and release LMB to emit your mass.