MineStrike.fun can be said to be a fun transform fruit game for everyone. You can join anytime and anywhere.

After giving yourself a favorite nickname, you will officially enter a happy war with fun and beautiful images. MineStrike.fun game is a fighting game but the battle takes place without tension, but it is gentle like a chase between friends. You are a cute cube holding a sword and chasing fruits in the garden. After eating the fruit many times, you will change shape. And at a certain point, you will be upgraded to have more powerful features. Besides collecting fruit, you also have to be wary of opponents around. If someone comes near, you must destroy it before they cut you. At first, these enemies weren’t too dangerous. But the more later, the more difficult the challenge, so those guys also become stronger and more disturbing. You may experience failure the first time you play, but come back to play MineStrike.fun free online next time. With precious experiences before, you will definitely go far in this game.

How To Play About MineStrike.fun

You use the left mouse button to attack, right mouse to speed up.