If you are a fan of the Minecraft game, then Minesmashers.club is the right game for you. The fun and exciting adventure into the underground world is waiting for you. With new gameplay, many cute characters with different skills to choose from, and special graphics, you won’t ever get bored with this exciting wonderful io game.

The world of Minesmashers. club is dangerous. You will start as a small and cute character with a wooden stick as your weapon. As you play and kill your enemies, you will earn XP, which can be used to level up your character and unlock new classes. Also, you can earn XP by eating food that was scattered all over the map. The player can choose your character before you start the game by clicking on the character icon. Besides, each class has their strength and weakness; you should choose whichever that you feel more comfortable playing with. You can unlock new classes by upgrading your character with XP. The class that player can choose are pig (+50% stamina), chicken (+50% speed), spider (+50% health), wolf (+50% damage), villager (+25% health and +25% speed).

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How To Play About Minesmashers.club

You can control your character’s movement with your mouse, left click to swing your weapon, and right-click to sprint.