The new exciting game, Leevz.io unblocked, is all about plants fighting and upgrading. You also need to pick three different kinds of plants, fight and upgrade them to make a stronger and better one to become the final champion. You can play Leevz.io online, this is a multiplayer io game.

Like Mope.io, you can choose three different kinds of plants to defend yourself: pansy (ranged- send seed directly toward the enemies), rose (melee- they have thorns and can pierce through anything), or mushroom (magic- send poison plash to kill your enemies). If you want to win, you need to take advantage of them and win against other players. As you play, you can gain XP by killing other players or just farming promotion materials (water drops, sunrays, fertilizers, and insects.). Also, you can upgrade your plants with that XP and make them better and stronger. All plants have different abilities, strong points, and weaknesses. you can create many different strategies to win the game.

How To Play About Leevz.io

You can move with WASD and aim with your mouse. You also can use your primary ability with left click and right click is for the second ability. E is for special ability, T is auto fired and R is auto-spin.