Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing, one of io games unnlocked, refers to fantasy content, which provides both Battle Royale but in a fast-paced style. You might have to invest a lot of mind work, but the prize will be worth it.

There are many characters with different abilities. For example, Wizard, Warrior, Princess, Archer, … present unique skills, as long as a powerful guardian.

When players play Last Mage Standing online, you must pick your abilities as well as your guardian’s. The compatibility will boost your chance to win. You two must fight against other teams as it’s the Last Mage Standing multiplayer. Don’t forget to pick up suitable mode from Battle Royale, Tower Defense, or Hold the Gold for a different number of players.

Your goal is the first name on the Last Mage Standing Unblocked’s leaderboard. But, you’re welcomed to join the league with other players and rule the world, hunt the bonus together.

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How To Play About Last Mage Standing

Control your moves by WASD or arrow key group. Click left mouse to shoot. Click right mouse to dash or combo L+shift