Junon.io online is a free io game that is now available on IO Games Free! Come play Junon.io game for free to have a new experience. It is one of the latest io games released online and it is set in space where you must fight for your survival. In this space-themed io game, you realized that you were stranded in an asteroid field where you must need some elements to survive, including a good amount of food, some oxygen, and stamina. When you traverse the asteroid field, you can collect these elements. However, you will find it hard a bit to gather these resources along the way because other players can attack you when they catch you off guard. Try to watch your surroundings when moving, and have your skills ready to defeat them all. You can hire some bots or slaves then let them do several missions for you, like cleaning dirty floors, butchering corpses, farming stuff, collecting items, and refilling turret ammo. You will fight against enemies during the course of the game! Prepare your strategies for that and defeat them all for your victory!

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How To Play About Junon.io

Use WASD to move, use the number keys to change equipment, use spacebar or mouse to use the current equipment, craft items using C, open inventory using I, rotate with R, and interact with items using E.