Junon Imposter

Junon Imposter game, or also called Junon.io, represents an online detective concept. The story sounds famous Among Us, but it’s online and free any time. When you play Junon Imposter online, players must stay guarded all the time, attentive, and open their eyes wide to watch out for everything.

The Junon Imposter game is multiplayer. The more attendants, the more complicated. Among the crew, some imposters try to kill people behind your back. If you are one of the imposters, don’t let them see you plant the bomb or when you kill people. If you are one crew member, try to finish the task while looking around and not being killed.

The teams will come to the discussion when the corpse is found. People will vote for suspicion. Therefore, everyone must prepare an argument to live.

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How To Play About Junon Imposter

Use WASD to move around. Press E to interact. Bring out your weapons using space or mouse. Press any of the number key to switch items if you have more than one.