HoppingBalls.io online is one of the most entertaining io games you can play for free. You will be up against new rivals worldwide in a fun ball-bouncing competition. The game gives you full access to a 3D ball that must be controlled carefully through a huge arena packed with enemies. You have to let the ball bounce fast and make sure you avoid all deadly spikes that are standing in your way. Touching these spikes will make your game over immediately, so you’d better keep your ball away from them. Be careful with your opponents’ moves too. You should let your ball go at a full speed to leave all of them behind. The faster it bounces, the higher the score you will earn, which can take you closer to the top spot on the leaderboard. Think you can make it to the top? Play HoppingBalls.io game right now and have fun with it!

How To Play About HoppingBalls.io

Use arrow keys to control the movement of your ball.