Hexafall.io unlocked welcome players to check-in online. The game can host a maximum of 10 players simultaneously, which guarantees fun but not so overwhelming.

Hexafall.io free online game is a type of Battle Royale io game for those who prefer quick combat and instant result. Easy 3D graphics but an engaging plot in the game will make you work up enough to win.

Hexafall.io shares the same idea with Fall Guys. You might see some similarities with Minecraft, too, but the game is more instant. Players will be a soldier who tries to lock enemies in the ground by destroying their blocks. You need to build your Hexa buildings and rise as high as possible and watch out for others since they will touch your work.

Every time you touch a block, it will slowly disappear. But because anyone can do the same, you must have your strategy.

How To Play About Hexafall.io

Use key WASD or arrow keys to move around Press Space to jump Use the mouse to change vision angle