Prove your puzzle-solving skills in Droll.io unblocked! The game is all about guessing the possible endings after watching some videos. A group of players enters a lobby and they have to wait for a video to be played. When a video is shown, you need to watch it carefully and try not to skip any details, even just the little ones because they all have an influence on the options of possible ending you will choose. Droll.io online may be different from other puzzle io games you have probably played before when it requires you to have a logical thinking skill. The themes of videos are diverse, from a classic cat video, traffic incident footage, to other situations that were recorded on cameras. Once you have watched the first video, four options of possible ending will appear. Now, you must think and select the ending that is most likely to happen. Once you have done choosing it, the rest of the video will be played. Now, you will know if you pick the right or the wrong option. If your answer is right, you will get coins! Then, you can use those coins to customize your avatar or get bonuses. Can you beat all opponents to become the winner in Droll.io game? Play it now!

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How To Play About Droll.io

Select the options in the game using the left mouse button.