Castles. cc is the free 3D world, where you are free to build your own kingdom. It is fun, it is great, it is unlimited and it is free for all! The only thing limit here is your imagination, you think of it, you can create it in Castles. cc.

Players will start off with an empty realm, and as you finish quests, you will unlock more and more world buildings, house buildings,… and even contests and castle buildings. Everything is for you to decide, it is your world, after all, your characters, your kingdom, your house, and even your view. This game is also a multiplayer game, you might start everything alone, but. This online multiplayer game won’t be forever, as you play the game, you can go explore the world and find more friends, they can come and help build your realm even more beautiful. And you can join events and contests to unlock more buildings!

How To Play About

You can move your character by using WASD or arrow keys, Q and E for controlling your camera, you can use your mouse to build or break something in your realm.