Bumper Cars

It’s time to show off your driving skills to other friends in Bumper Cars game! Get ready to join it now to race against new opponents around the world. In this title, you become an alien who has to control his bumper car around the map in space to defeat all other enemy aliens with their bumper cars. Show off your clever moves during the race and use your smart strategies to outwit all of your enemies. Try your best to kill as many enemies as possible to grow your size. This will boost your strength as well! You will need to have more power to deal with the tougher opponents when the battle is getting harder. Be on the lookout for their attacks! You must avoid taking damage from them, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Have your skills and strategies ready for the race right now! Have a lot of fun with it!

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How To Play About Bumper Cars

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your bumper car. Press the spacebar for more power but limited boost.