A fish lover will love the game online. This is a great combination of the fish farming game in the ocean and underwater casual arena games. Your job is to protect your cute baby shark from other bigger fishes and grow it by collecting gems and eating other smaller fishes.

In the harsh and dangerous underwater world of, you have to protect your classic baby shark from other langer fishes with the help of a boost ( even if you have no points you can still use the boost). And you will grow your cute baby shark into a stronger, bigger, scarier shark by collecting gems or eating other sharks. You go on an adventure to discover the beautiful underwater world. Also, you can bump and knock other same size sharks to the bigger sharks to eliminate them from the match. Don’t worry, if you do it the right way, you won’t lose any gems. But the boost that helps to protect your sharks will make you lose your gem. So you shouldn’t abuse boost too much and use them wisely.

In this free to all game, sharks with 50% more points than you can become a threat. If you are a brave baby shark, you can swim near bigger sharks and earn some gems from the shark that got eaten and grew faster. a shark that got eaten will drop a circle of gold around it. How many coins it will drop will depend on its size. There are two types of gems on the map, the round gem only costs 3 points. The fish gem only drops when one shark gets eaten and the maximum fish gem one shark can drop is 500. And what makes the game more interesting is that you can customize your shark how you like it.

How To Play About

You can move your shark by using your mouse. Space or press and hold your mouse is for using the boost. The main menu or in-game gear is to adjust the setting.