C4arena.com is an amazing online version of the classic board game connect 4. To complete the challenge and become the winner, you should master its rule. The first player who can combine four of colored tiles in a row will win. These items will allow you to link vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You need to that as long as four are touching in a line. There is a tactic that you’d better memorize. By blocking all of the movements of the enemy while advancing the own chain, you will make the most of 15-20 second round. Aside from that, you have to pay attention to showing moves which affect the next two steps because C4arena.com is a turn-based game. After you spawn, you may want to wait for a while so that the random opponent can appear. Play with friends or against the A.I. This means that you will always have somebody to practice. Let’s explore and experience the new story now!

How To Play About C4arena.com

Use the mouse to drop a counter in the row.