Get yourself ready to fly into Pury.space – an epic space-themed web-browser game filled with a lot of challenges. You direct a triangular spaceship around in space attempting to pick up as much fuel as possible while trying to fend off all other wicked space pirates using your useful laser canons. In addition, you elude all the impediments and asteroids as you fight your way to the top of the leaderboard in this tough space battle. The enemies won’t miss out any chances to attack you, therefore, you must be careful with them as well. If you take any damage from their attacks, you will end up dying, causing the game to be over immediately. Try to develop your strategies and utilize them to outwit all of your opponents. If you play tactically, you will have a better chance of winning! Jump into the game now to begin the challenges and conquer them all!

How To Play About PURY.SPACE

Use the right mouse button for the movement. Double right mouse and hold it for nitro boost, use the left mouse to shoot, change the gun using the mouse wheel scroll.