Info Disaster.io Games:

Disaster.io is a multiplayer Zombies 2D Shooter game packed with actions. Are you ready to step into this post-apocalyptic world filled with creepy mutants and zombies? You should be ready for this adventure then put your skills to a test. Disaster.io has two character perspectives: mutants and zombies. Some players will begin as mutants while some will be survivors. The main goal for the survivors is to purchase weapons to finish off all mutants while the mutants have to spread the radiation to slay all human beings. If you become a survivor, make sure you use more weapons to deal damage to your rivals and give them no chances to outplay you. You can work with other friends who are on the same side to defeat the mutants faster. Which side will touch the final victory at the end of the match? Let’s jump into it now! Good luck to you!


How to play:
Move with WASD, use items by clicking the right mouse, press key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key O to open survivors' shop and the mouse cursor to spin. 

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