Are you ready to step into an epic fight brought to you by FOWz unblocked? FOWz game is set in a huge arena in which players have to smash many different objects to kill each other. The more objects you shoot, the more enemies you can destroy, which grows your points through over time. Make sure you strategize every single move you make and be careful with your surroundings as the enemies can attack you in the same way. To defend yourself, you must use a spin attack that helps you repel all objects blowing up around you. Getting damaged for just even once is also strong enough to make you meet a sticky end. Therefore, you’d better not take any damage from your opponents. Remember to purchase new characters as well as manipulate various items to regenerate your stamina. Throw yourself into FOWz game to express your skills now! Much fun!

How To Play About FOWz

Spin with the left mouse, throw weapons with the right mouse.