Monsters VS Humans !

Monsters VS Humans! is a zombies-themed IO game that is very challenging to master. There are two teams competing against each other for the ultimate arena supremacy: zombies and humans. If you become a human, you must escape or hide from the zombies and give them no chances to touch you. In case you take on the role of a zombie, you have to go kill as many humans as possible. Whatever side you are on, just make sure you work with your teammates to surpass all the dangers around you. Remember to develop your own smart strategies as well then use them to get an upper hand on the rival team. If you manage to stay alive until the end f the match, you will earn an amount of bonus! Can you help your team triumph all over the rival team in Monsters VS Humans!? Jump into the action now and present your best skills!

How To Play About Monsters VS Humans !

Move your character using WASD, turn with the mouse, buy weapons using key B, drop weapons using key G and press key E to collect items.