TileMan.io is an epic multiplayer game in a browser and it shares the similar gameplay to Slither.io and Splix.io. The game is all about building the largest territory possible by capturing many blocks. You have to roam through the map in an attempt to conquer the blocks then quickly convert them into the same color as your random-colored block. The way to convert the blocks is to make a complete square, then the enclosed blocks will turn into your color easily. This mission may sound easy, but you need to stay watchful for your surroundings as the enemies will try to finish you off using your wicked schemes and they won’t be hesitant to ambush you whenever they have a chance. You’d better defend yourself all the time, elude them all, and attempt to trap them within your squares then force them to run into you. Your goal s to conquer the entire arena!

How To Play About TileMan.io

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Press key E or P or numpad 5 for stopping the movement.