Rich City

Both zombies and humans have to be ready for an epic survival battle in Rich City unblocked when a zombie apocalypse begins. The battle between these two teams seems to never end. It keeps going on from this game to game, and now it has come to Rich City free online. When the battle commences, players have to purchase items and find some hiding places to cope with the zombies. There will be 10 seconds left prior to the apocalypse, and during this limited time, players will become sick and the zombies will start spreading the contamination throughout the map. You must make use of your weapons to destroy the zombies and use them to defend yourself from their attacks. For the zombies, they have to get humans infected as fast as possible to secure the victory. Both teams must work with teammates all the time for a better chance of winning. Now, get ready to jump into the fray in Rich City zombies io game!


How To Play About Rich City

Move your character using WASD, use the mouse cursor to spin, press key B to open the humans' shop, use the left mouse to use the items, use key G to drop the items and use key E to collect items.