Continue to master your surviving skill in another Battle Royale Strategy game called Pixeledo! The game features turn-based gameplay with nice graphics and great controls. You direct your character around the map trying to use many weapons and skilfull moves to inflict a huge amount of damage on the rivals until you completely wipe them out of the arena. This killing action must be done in a quick way as the rivals can take their chances to attack you back, and in case you can’t dodge their attacks, you will soak damage, making you meet your doom. Since the game is completely turn-based, you must make the most use of your turns and make each of them count. All enemies must meet their end so you can build your ultimate dominance in the Pixeledo arena, which is your main objective in this Strategy IO game too. Jump into the action now to conquer everything in sight! Wish you luck!

How To Play About Pixeledo

Move and turn using WASD. Shoot with the spacebar, choose a weapon using keys 1-4, jump with key W, do a diagonal jump using key E, keys ZXCV to choose a blueprint, key Shift to auto move, key R to reset or clear the move, key M for the map and key N for the options menu.