SLIME .network

SLIME .network is a new sports IO game you can easily join for free in a browser. If sports games online are your favorite, then make sure you will not skip this one when it promises to keep all participants entertained for hours. Plus, this will be a new chance to have your sports skills tested. Among these games, volleyball, soccer and hoops simulator, pick your favorite one or you can try all of them if you want. When you already step into the match, you will face off against a rival, both of you must compete to see who will win at the end of the match. Each of you is armed with the power shot that is used for bettering your movement speed as well as boosting your shot. You should use this feature in a smart way to defeat your rival. Winning will not be easy in this sports game unblocked, but your main goal is to triumph all of your opponents.

How To Play About SLIME .network

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Press the spacebar to jump, use key Shift for the power shot, keys 1-4 for emote (must have face equipt)