Info Games: unblocked is a unique football sports io game where you will play with a team in a tough match to compete against a rival team full of enemies from around the world. Football Wars online free game promises to give you a lot of fun with experiences. Also, this is a new chance for you to show off your sports skills. As soon as the match commences, you have to go around the pitch finding the ball and quickly kick it to score a touchdown at the end zone. Watch out for your opponents as they will rush towards the ball too, and they will not be hesitant to defeat you. You are advised to work together with your team during the course of the match for a higher chance of conquering the enemies. There is a leaderboard in unblocked, which is the same as other multiplayer io games. You aim to climb the top of the leaderboard to become the best footballer!


How to play:
Direct your character using the mouse and use the left mouse button to sprint.

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