unblocked is a free shooter io game with 2D graphics. It is known as a casual game without complex menus or ship upgrade paths, which makes it easy to understand. game features various servers online for you to pick and play. You will compete against opponents from around the world! This space-themed io game is all about you trying to control a spaceship to avoid lots of asteroids and other enemy pilots. Those pilots are equipped with strong weapons and they will take any chances they have in order to destroy you. Therefore, you need to protect your spaceship if you want to win. Try to blow up some asteroids to get resources. As you have a big amount of asteroids, your size will become bigger, which makes your laser cannons stronger as well. It is important to become a big ship because you can get access to some parts of the game once your ship has grown bigger. If you see ships with a “heart” icon, they are friendly ships. But, if they are marked with a “devil”, they are aggressive. Protect yourself from the aggressive ones! Your goal is to become the biggest ship in the space arena! Play online for free now! Have fun with it!

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How To Play About

Steer and control your ship using WASD or arrow keys. Power your ship by collecting "stardust" crystals, use spacebar or Shift to destroy the asteroids to release more stardust, and use H to hyperspace away from danger.