SMISMI.ONLINE free multiplayer game focuses on slime players trying to become a king to dominate a big city. game features RPG element with many wonderful challenges to play. You have to roam the map carefully in the shape of a slime king whose mission is to absorb almost the entire city in the least amount of time possible. While moving, you will command an army of slime and let them follow you everywhere in the city. While you are in the adventure, make sure you defend yourself from other players who will attempt to conquer your slime army and eliminate you out of the game arena. Do not give them any chances to do that, or else the game will be failed. As your army grows in size, you will find it much easier to absorb objects faster, which takes you to the top rank on the leaderboard. The goal of free game is to dominate the kingdom.



Move your slime army around the city using the mouse.