Privacy always welcomes the players from across the world. We – an owner of this website – offer a full privacy policy to all people that aim to become our official users. The privacy policy is an important document that all users must read carefully before using any information or services here. the policy will contain some data gathered by the webmaster, and some information of the users as well. We would like you to spend your time reading our privacy policy.

Log Files

The log files can be used by the webmaster in order to investigate some data, information, demographic data, operate the website, or even keep track of the users. There is so much information that can be checked out when using log files, such as ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet Protocol addresses, the user info, the user visiting time, other browsers and so forth.


Using Cookies will help store the details and the users’ likings. Also, Cookies can be utilized to follow the users or adjust the content of the page, especially when the users use their browsers for browsing the websites.

Web Beacons

The webmasters will use Web Beacons to operate their websites. It must be better if the web beacons are utilized with cookies because both of them will give a mutual comprehension of how the users access to a website and research on the information there.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google is the third party that bringing their advertisements to the users with the help of Dart Cookies. This tool will send the ads to the customers in just a bit, and all the ads will exhibit the content of the main website or other websites.

Here’s the link for you to check out more information about Google privacy policy. Just click it and you will find out more:

Google or other third organizations can make an excellent use of several modern technologies, including Java Script, Web Beacons, and Cookies, in order to operate and deliver their ads to the users. All those technologies can be used to judge the efficiency and the good success that the advertisements have brought. Using these technologies will help send all ads to the users through their current browsers quickly.

The users should find out more info and details about the privacy policy of the third parties or other advertisers. To make cookies stop operating, there are some selections that can be ticked in your own browser.

All users are suggested to research on more privacy policies, or how to disable cookies. If you are interested in this, you can go to several websites with your own browser to find out.