Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is one of the most addictive and entertaining Ninja games that can be accessed for free online. The game brings you a chance to present a lot of ninja abilities when you try to help your little cat conquer all wicked enemies standing in his way. Feel free to perform jumping, moving, attacking, and killing abilities whenever your cat faces off against the rivals. If you can’t finish them off in time, the cat will end up getting killed, causing the game to be over. Therefore, you must always have those skills ready in advance to outplay all opponents and give them no chances to beat you. Through over time, your skills will be much upgraded, you will find it easier to deal with even more challenges when the levels get harder to complete. The final objective in this Ninja game is to become the best Cat Ninja! Hope you have a blast with it!

How To Play About Cat Ninja

Use keys A/D for the movement, key W for jumping, key S for ducking, the left mouse to throw weapons, key Shift to perform ninja skill, and spacebar+keys WASD to fly.