Let’s see how you cope with hordes of zombies and fight them off in ZomZom.io game! A fan of zombie-themed io game should not miss this chance to check this title out. ZomZom.io unblocked is a very fascinating survival game that will test all of your surviving skills. You will be armed with a hatchet and a spear when you spawn in the map. They are the basic tools for you to gather some materials, such as stone, wood, and fruit. Once you have gathered them, you can use the wood and stone to create defensive walls. If you get hungry, you can eat some fruit to refill your energy. You have to quickly build as many constructions as possible to keep the zombies at bay. They will get stronger as you progress further into the game, hence, try to equip yourself with better weapons so you can defeat all of them easily. Can you make it till the end?

How To Play About Zomzom.io

Perform the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse to attack enemies or gather materials.