Trap Adventure 2

Info Trap Adventure 2 Games:

Trap Adventure 2 is an Arcade-style game you can play for free. There are many types of activities you will perform in Trap Adventure 2 HTML5 game. You may have already experienced Trap Adventure 1 game and you probably know what it is about. But in case you haven’t yet, then this second installment will leave a big impression on you. It’s all about a platform adventure full of deadly obstacles and challenges. You have to control your character and help him jump from this platform to another one without falling down or falling into any traps. However, the problem is that you will have no ideas when the traps are coming. They can pop up suddenly in your way, making you unable to dodge them in them. Therefore, you need to stay focused on this adventure, use your fast reflexes to overcome all impediments. You are 10 lives to play. Whenever you die, one life will be gone. If you use up all the lives, you will have to restart the game from scratch. Play Trap Adventure 2 free online then see how many stages you vanquish!

How to play:
Perform the movement using keys A/D, jump with key W.

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