Swordz.io is a Free For All strategy game where you will take part in an online multiplayer match against other players. Your mission in the new battle is to survive as long as possible. Once you are the last standing man, you can also prove that you are the best swordmaster with the highest score.

Firstly, you can choose to avoid dangerous encounters after you embark on Swordz.io. But, you are able to destroy Green and Red dots if you want to unlock levels sooner. Not only that, your weapon will grow longer and you can get stronger later. In case you eliminate somebody on the path, your points will be improved much more. It is an important element to bring you to the top spot. You’d better fight aggressively to open up stages faster. Especially, it is very easy to join with friends by clicking the link at the bottom of the lobby.

How To Play About Swordz.io

Use the mouse to move, LMB to attack, RMB to boost speed.