Will you take a chance to try being a sumo wrestler in unblocked? The game is so fun and awesome with unique gameplay, even though it is somewhat the same as When you spawn on the map, you are a small sumo wrestler that needs to increase the size of the body by gobbling up all the sushi power-ups on the ground. As you eat food, you will get bigger. The big size means that you will capture the map, and once you have reached around 205 of the map, you need to think about the strategies for the moves so you can deal with other enemy sumo players. Your moves at this stage should be done in a careful way, otherwise, you cannot beat the rivals. Do your best to slay them all before they have a chance to kill you. Think you have a chance to become the biggest sumo on the leaderboard? Play free game now!


How To Play About

Move your sumo wrestler around the map using arrow keys or WASD.