is yet another exciting Christmas-themed battle game in which you control a snowman trying to slay as many enemy snowmen as possible by throwing snowballs at them. You must aim then shoot the snowballs accurately to wipe out all opponents before they have a chance to attack you back. When you roam through the map, try to gather a lot of snowflakes on the ground to increase your size, also, you can even throw stronger snowballs, giving you a better chance at winning. Make sure to watch out for your surroundings because the enemies can take chances to attack and ambush you anytime. Once getting damaged from their strikes, you will end up dying, causing the game to be over. You should develop your strategies then employ them during the course of the fight to outplay all others. Will you become the top snow fight legend ruling the whole arena today? Try it now!

How To Play About

Use the left mouse button to aim and shoot the snowballs at enemies.