Be a fast and skilled shooter in game! Put all of your shooting skills into this gunfight then see how many enemies you can kill! unblocked is a challenging io game with a zombie theme. It is set in a mysterious town full of zombies and enemies. You have to prepare your skills for this gunfight and try your best to slay them all.

Since the town in unblocked is infected, you have to make your way through it carefully. As you enter the town, quickly build a base then stay in it to keep yourself safe from the zombies. When you catch sight of them from afar, slay them fast using your weapons. But, when you venture out into areas of the town, try to find a vehicle then use it to squash the zombies. Pay attention to other players too! You can form alliances with friendly players, but for the hostile ones, make sure you kill them as well before they defeat you. Try your best to survive to become the winner in game!

How To Play About

Perform the movement of your character using WASD or AQSD. Click the left mouse button to shoot enemies, click the right mouse button to place a building, use the spacebar to interact with objects and items, use Shift to run or drift in a car, use number keys to change weapons, click a building or use the mouse wheel scroll to change it.