Let’s shoot down all enemies standing in your way in now! With this awesome 2D Shooter game title, you will earn a lot of fun and improve your shooting ability a lot. In the game, you are an egg killer equipped with a variety of weapons. You need to utilize them wisely to deal damage to the opponents and make sure they are completely wiped out before they come back killing you with their deadly weapons. You have to focus on cracking as many eggs as possible but at the same time, you have to defend yourself from their attacks. Also, during the course of the gunfight, your weapon can run out of the ammo, so make sure you gather more supplies from the ground or from the dead enemies. If your health is running low, don’t worry! You can go find a quiet corner of the map and stay there until it is refilled. The main goal of is to become the most dangerous egg killer in the arena!

How To Play About

Move around the map using keys WASD or IJKL. Shoot with the left mouse, change the weapon using key E or U, reload your weapon using key R or Y, and press the spacebar to jump.