Pumpking.io is a nice Halloween-themed 2D Shooter game giving you multiple challenges to conquer. In the game, you direct a pumpkin-like character armed with a powerful gun. You need to use it wisely to dish out as much damage as possible to opponents before you end up getting destroyed. Killing all enemies is a must because once you have succeeded in killing them, you will be able to dominate the leaderboard, making you the best gunslinger in the entire arena. However, this goal is way too hard to obtain as you will face off against multiple skilled enemies at the same time. In addition to this, the burning lava keeps threatening your life! It can quickly drain your health if you come into contact with it. There are so many dangers in the game that can put your life to an end. You have to get through all of them, stay alive and win the combat!

How To Play About Pumking.io

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Click the left mouse button to fire, use the spacebar for jumping.