Lordz2.io is a challenging tower defense IO game unblocked. Access the new online match and figure out the best strategy to build the biggest, strongest army ever! It is necessary to start the story with a castle. Recruit units and create a Stable with the Forge after that! Alongside upgrades in the Lordz2.io free, you do not skip getting turrets to stop the enemy’s assault. Especially, you can unlock more territories when you obtain Gold and Victory Points when you devastate their buildings. Let’s play and discover your way!

How To Play About Lordz2.io

Strike WASD or use the mouse cursor to move, Left mouse button to attack, Right mouse or E to deploy power, Space to split, B to build, U to open the Units Menu Press F to check formation, Y to upgrade, V to access Rewarded Videos Menu, C to change formation, Enter to chat, M to view the minimap, L to enter the leaderboard