There are many ways to test your jumping skill, and playing Crazy unblocked is one of them you can try for free. Crazy game presents to you a fun jumping contest where you will compete against other people from around the world. You have to take control of your character around the map trying to knock all enemies out of the game arena as fast as possible. When you defeat them, it will make your size larger and you will feel stronger. This is a big advantage for you to take on other next rivals, especially the tougher ones. But still, even though you have an edge over than them, you still need to defend yourself from their attacks because these enemies are so cunning and you will never know what they are up to do just to knock you out. Try to survive for as long as possible to become the winner of this crazy jumping battle!

How To Play About Crazy

Use the mouse to move the character, click the left mouse or press the spacebar to jump.