Much like 2 game in terms of gameplay, the objective in unblocked is to capture the most areas on the map possible to become the winner. Rather than controlling a paper around the map to build a territory for yourself, now, you will use splash tubes and several weapons to paint an area on the map. In this io game unblocked, you will play with a team, either the Purples or the Greens. You should stick with your teammates to paint a lot of areas. If your team has a great performance, you will earn a lot of money. With your earnings, you can buy new items as well as plenty of upgrades in the shop to have an upper hand on the enemy team. Make sure you protect your captured areas from being destroyed by the rival team. Try to paint as many areas as possible and lead your team to the final victory. Play online now!


How To Play About

Use the mouse to move your character around the map and use the left mouse to splash.

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