In Gem Brawl, you will play as a cute garden gnome moving around the map to blow up as many enemy gnomes as possible by planting a lot of bombs. You have to trap the enemies with your bombs, push them into a corner then let the bombs blow them up. At the same time, try to defend yourself from the enemy bombs, or even your own bombs, otherwise, you will be blown up, causing the game to be over. When you roam through the arena, be sure to gather a lot of red gems dispersed on the floor to improve and upgrade your gnome, as well as kit them out with brand new accessories You should play with good tactics and use them to outplay all of your opponents as well as give them no chances to win. The goal here is to become the best gnome conquering the entire gem brawl arena. Have fun!

How To Play About

Use WASD or arrow keys to direct the gnome, press the spacebar to place a bomb, hold and release to throw a bomb.